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  5. "Apples are big."

"Apples are big."

Translation:सेब बड़े होते हैं ।

July 28, 2018



why isn't it सेब बड़े हैं ?


"Apples are big" has a generic meaning, saying that apples are big, in general. होते helps to make the meaning of the sentence generic. सेब बड़े हैं sentence has specific meaning, "The apples are big", the given apples are big. This is my understanding. Will someone clarify in case I am wrong?


Yes, you are right: what is being expressed is the way apples are 'supposed' to be rather than how specific apples might be.


What's the difference between होते and the other one?


होते is used for plural forms while होता is used for singular masculine gender and होती is used for singular feminine gender. I think this will help you

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