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Whats the difference between Ik begrijp het niet/ Ik begrijp niet / Ik snap het niet / Ik snap niet

Whats the difference between Ik begrijp het niet/ Ik begrijp niet / Ik snap het niet / Ik snap niet and what do they mean ( i know it means i dont understand but why are there different ways to say it?? its confusing

July 28, 2018

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"Snappen" is more colloquial like "to get".

The problem you have with "het" is because English leaves out "it" while in Dutch you can't leave out "het". These verbs need a direct object in Dutch. If there isn't one in the sentence there needs to be a "het".

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'ik begrijp het niet.' is about something for example if you're talking about a math problem. so something specific and it's one phrase. and 'ik begrijp niet' is a part of a phrase. after 'ik begrijp niet' comes almost always a reason for something that you don't understand. like 'I don't understand why you did that' meaning: 'I begrijp niet waarom je dat deed.

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    Het means it, so if you are saying 'Ik begrijp het niet' it means that you don't understand it, so you are talking about a specific topic. When you just say ' ik begrijp niet' you aren't talking about a specific topic, but you are saying it just in general. And you can NEVER give just 'ik begrijp niet' as an answer! That will just be like 'I not understand'.


    yes, I hope it's clear now. If you have anymore questions I like to answer them. You can always.


    Hi there, "Het" is the direct object (lijdend voorwerp) of the sentence (I hope I translated that correctly). When you'd say "Ik snap niet..." or "Ik begrijp niet..." there is no direct object in the sentence which is impossible in this case. It is an unfinished sentence.

    An example:

    John: "Ik snap/begrijp het niet." Mary: "Wat snap/begrijp je niet?'' John: "Ik snap/begrijp niet waarom je niet langs kan komen."


    John: "I don't understand." Mary: "What don't you understand?" John: "I don't understand why you can't come over"

    In the first sentence "Het" is the direct object. In the second sentence "Waarom je niet langs kan komen" is the direct object. I hope this explanation will help you. Good luck with learning Dutch. I can imagine it being very hard.


    When you say "Ik begrijp niet" are you talking about something in general. For example: "Ik begrijp niet (ik snap niet) dat de politie niets doet". When you say "Ik begrijp het niet" are you talking about something in special. For example: "Je hebt verteld hoe het moet maar ik begrijp het niet (ik snap het niet)". "Het" refers to "hebt verteld".

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