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"La oficina está cerrada los martes."

Translation:The office is closed on Tuesdays.

2 weeks ago



I put "every Tuesday" and was marked wrong because I didn't say "Tuesdays". This should be accepted.

2 weeks ago

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"Los martes" means (on) Tuesdays. "El martes" means "on Tuesday." This is the same rule for the other days of the week.

2 weeks ago


I go to church on Sunday. Every Sunday. If you tell me that your office is closed on Tuesday, I assume that you mean every Tuesday. If you are only closed next Tuesday, would you not specify NEXT Tuesday?

1 week ago


The problem is that you are going with the meaning, rather than actually translating what is being asked. Todos los martes = every Tuesday Los martes = on Tuesdays

6 days ago