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How awesome Duolingo is.

There are a lot of cool features and languages on this site, for instance, WHO THE HECK WAS THE GENIUS THAT CREATED THE KLINGON COURSE BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME!!! Even though I take the French course more often and the words in the Klingon course are hard to learn I'm like "Dude, I could so go out as a character from the Star Trek fleet this Halloween", so, HIja, Duolingo is awesome (HIja means yes in Klingon) (I didn't use a lot of Klingon here because that's how much I know).

July 28, 2018



I thought "Yes" means "HISlaH" in Klingon?


HIja' (always remember the qaghwI' at the end) and HISlaH both mean, "Yes," and there is no difference in meaning.

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