"Their daughter told her everything."

Translation:Jejich dcera jí řekla všechno.

July 28, 2018

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Why is word-for-word translation considered a mistake? Jejich dcera řekla jí všechno. Is something wrong with the order of words?


Position of . The second position rule applies.


There are already a lot of "the second position" rules. I never heard about this one yet. Thank you.


jejich dcera ji vsechno vypravela - is it wrong because of the word order? Or might it be correct?


No, the word order is fine and "Jejich dcera jí všechno vyprávěla." is a correct Czech sentence, but the question is whether it fits here.

Vyprávět is imperfective and is really used for telling a story or something longer, it stresses that it took some time. But perhaps English does not have anything that would be closer and common enough. Looking at the database of translations in literature, it seams to be that English tell in the simple past tense is often translated using vyprávět anyway.


"Tell" definitely works regardless of whether what is being said takes a longer or shorter period of time to say. "Relate" or "recount" might also be used, but more likely in the context of telling a story or giving a longer account of something.

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