"Now Raj and Julia can play."

Translation:अब राज और जूलिया खेल सकते हैं।

July 28, 2018

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I put "now" after Raj and Julia, and that was marked wrong. Can someone explain why please?

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Why is it wrong to put अब after जूलिया?


The audio for "अब" sounds like the word ab (as in abdominals) in standard colloquial English. It might just be my computer but this is the way I heard it.


I also have the same question as above--why is it wrong to put "ab" after Raj and Julia? Thanks.


राज और जूलिया अब खेल सकते हैं भी बिल्कुल सही है


Putting "now" after the subject instead of before it changes the meaning, ever so slightly. At least in English.

Now at the beginning of the sentence indicates a sense of "until now, you weren't able to do this thing. For whatever reason. But now you're able to"

Now at the end of the sentence indicates a sense of "at this exact moment, you can do this thing."

Look at the following sentences:

Now I can pay my phone bill because I have a new job and will be able to afford it myself.

I can pay my phone bill now because I have the available funds and the ability to do so as I'm saying this.

It's a very subtle difference that a lot people don't pick up on in their mother tongue, as the different meanings are just engrained into us from the beginning.

And sentence order matters in Hindi as well for implication, so I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the same kind of meanings are in the Hindi sentences as they are in the English ones for this question.

However, without context, both subject+ab and ab+subject should be accepted here, I'd think.

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