"He is my grandfather."

Translation:वे मेरे नाना हैं।

July 28, 2018

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Could anyone explain the difference between वे and ये in this kind of sentence? "That" vs "This," I believe, but if you just want to say "He," why is वे correct and ये is not?


वे is used to anyone who is adult from us and our family member and ये means anyone at our age


वे is that ये is this So वे मेरे नाना है, That is my grandfather ये मेरे नाना है, This is my grandfather


Why can't it be मेरा instead of मेरे? There is no preposition or postposition in this sentence(at least that I can see)


नाना is a name worthy of respect/formality. I'm gathering that every single word in this sentence (वे, मेरे, हैं) is modified to its plural/formal form because of that.


Thank you very much!


Grandfather can be both 'नाना' and 'दादा'


Plural refers to respect here


legend has it the duolingo owl still bears a grudge against his दादा


I was expecting Duolingo to mention both paternal and maternal grandparents in these lessons since it does work on family relations.


why is मेरे नानी considered correct? should not that be मेरी नानी ?


I don't have the Hindi keyboard but I'll try. I'm fluent in Hindi and it's my mother tongue. Here, mere Nani cannot be used. When we refer to something/someone that belongs to us(in case of a person, is related to us), and is assigned the female gender, then we use meri to show possession. Mera is used to show possession for things/people that are male gender and singular. Mere is used for things/people that are male and plural. So here, mere will not be used as Nani is a female singular noun. Side note- meri can be used for both singular and plural nouns Edit: here the question was 'he is my grandfather' Nani is grandmother while nana is grandfather, so I'm assuming that it's accepted because duo thought Nani was a typo Otherwise, mere Nani is an incorrect phrase. Edit 2: you also cannot write Mera nana here as nana is a figure of respect so you'll use mere.


Yes but Duolingo marked it as correct


This is wrong question


Why is "वह मेरा दादा है" inocrrect???


It is not grammatically incorrect but it would be considered extremely rude.
Words referring to people older than yourself or in positions of authority should be treated as if they were plural, as a show of respect.

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