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  5. "I am not looking for you."

"I am not looking for you."

Translation:Tebe nehledám.

July 28, 2018



Why "Já tebe nehledám" is incorrect?


See endless_sleeper's answer. You use tě in the weak position.


Why does it need to be tebe instead of te(with the accent)?


'Tebe' is the stressed form, used for emphasis.

'Tě' is the short form and behaves as a clitic. It needs to be the second word: 'Nehledám tě.' or 'Já tě nehledám.'


And I thought all these personal pronouns have to be at the second position. But not for "tebe and jeho", right?


You thought very wrong. Please review the Tips and notes or your favourite grammar resource about clitics.


Dont be so rude. What was wrong? Maybe you could explain... From checking the tips and notes (would be nice to have in in the app as well) it looks like that the personal pronouns are on second position always except of "tebe and jeho".


Did you edit your post? I'd bet the other sentence wasn't there before, but perhaps I was just being blind.

Anyway, it is more complex, several of those are either clitics or are used in the strong position. mě/mne can certsinly used in the strong position. We also have inconstant clitics in Czech. You rarely have definite rules without any exceptions in natural languages.


Thanks for your answer. I didn't edit it. Seem to be quite difficult.

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