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  5. "I am not looking for you."

"I am not looking for you."

Translation:Tebe nehledám.

July 28, 2018



And I thought all these personal pronouns have to be at the second position. But not for "tebe and jeho", right?


Why does it need to be tebe instead of te(with the accent)?


'Tebe' is the stressed form, used for emphasis.

'Tě' is the short form and behaves as a clitic. It needs to be the second word: 'Nehledám tě.' or 'Já tě nehledám.'


Why "Já tebe nehledám" is incorrect?


See endless_sleeper's answer. You use tě in the weak position.


Já tebe nehledám - incorect?


If "you" is not stressed, use the short form "tě" (second position):

  • Nehledám tě.
  • Já tě nehledám.

If you want to stress "you" (It is you I'm looking for), place it last:

  • Nehledám tebe.
  • Já nehledám tebe.

Your version "Já tebe nehledám" is not wrong, but be aware that it stresses everything - it's a very tense sentence. It stresses "" by including it in the sentence, it stresses "tebe" by using the long form instead of "tě", and it stresses the negation on "nehledám" by placing the verb last. All this stress makes it sound rather angry.

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