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Choices of learning Mandarin Chinese 学习普通话的偏好

Hello, everyone! 大家好!

We all know that Mandarin or 普通话 is the main standard dialect of the entire Chinese languages. For the writing system, we know that Mainlanders, some Malaysians and Singaporean use Simplified version and Taiwanese, Hong Kongers, Macanese and the rest of Chinese Overseas use Traditional version. In your own opinion, would you prefer Simplified (简化字) or Traditional (繁体字)? How about the way of speaking Mandarin what dialect would you like to speak such as from Beijing and from Taiwan. For me, I want to learn the really standard dialect based on Beijing and Hebei province which sounds really strong and brave. I use 繁体字since I am learning Japanese (I think that Japanese has more 繁体字 than 简化字) and Korean (All Hanja is in 繁体字). In my analogy, I think 繁体字is like UK English whilst 简化字 is like USA English. Any Suggestions?

Thanks for your time to read! 非常感谢您们的时间阅读!

July 28, 2018


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I would definitely say go with Simplified as it's much easier to learn and to write. Among the Chinese communities that use simplified characters, no one would think that people who use traditional characters are more erudite or respectable, or less. Simplified (簡化字) or Traditional (繁體字) are just like two dialects in writing. Like one can bring their accents into Mandarin or Guoyu (國語/国语), if you've learned some traditional characters from Japanese, no worry, you can carry them over into the simplified characters world as most of the people using simplified characters can read those traditional ones. As for speaking, you can choose either one based on why you learn Chinese and whom you're most likely to speak with. But no matter which one you choose, once you master it, you'll have no problem using it to communicate with people who speak the other dialect.


That is great! I always prefer the standard version of each language! I will learn the simplified writing system. Thanks so much for your reply! 太好了!我总是喜欢每种语言的标准版本!我会学习简体字!非常感谢您的回复!


I'd recommend learning using simplified. You already recognize traditional, and the differences are mostly quite straightforward, with certain radicals changing systematically (like 門 always changing to 门). If you make yourself aware of these systematic changes and those that are more dramatic (like 后/後), you'll be able to read any text you come across.

I learnt traditional for the first year, then switched to simplified. By far more texts I come across use simplified, but being familiar with traditional is very useful when I come across it.


太好了!非常感谢您的回复!I guess likewise with journals are written mainly in UK English, many journals are written in standard 简体字!


Because this app only has Mandarin course, I would definitely recommand you to learn Simplified just in case you won't mix them. And Taiwanese has their language, but Mandarin speaker can communicate with most of them. After you're doing well on Mandarin, then I'll suppose you to learn Cantonese. Have fun!


I know Mandarin is the main Chinese language. I guess the simplified version is considered to be innovative! I only focus on the modern writing system (like Hangeul for Korean instead of mixed with Chinese characters) rather than the more traditional and archaic one haha! Unlike Romance languages that still spoken freely today whilst Spanish is the dominant language, Mandarin dominates the entire Chinese language whilst other Chinese languages are now shunned! 非常感谢你!我尽力而为!

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