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"Nanenane ni tarehe nane mwezi wa nane"

Translation:Farmers' day is the eighth of August

July 28, 2018



It should either "August eighth" or "the eighth of August"


Yep. It always struck me as a little bit odd, when we write using the numbers, that it is regarded as acceptable to leave out the "the" and the "of" (eg. "on 8th August") but it's definitely not OK to leave out these words if you write "eighth".


Oh, that's why it's called Nanenane. Easy to remember


I don't understand this. Mweazi wa nane is the month of August, and nane is the eighth, but where does Farmers' Day come from?


It's like how Americans might say "4th of July" instead of "Independence Day." Somehow the date stuck as the name of the holiday.


From the same knowledge that New Year is January 1 or Workers' Day -- May 1. It's some national holiday.

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