"Il n'y a pas de solution simple pour ce problème."

Translation:There is no simple solution for that problem.

March 28, 2013

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This is also correct in English:

There isn't a simple solution for this problem.

In general, can there be a way to submit potential alternative solutions where members can vote on their correctness (or downvote for their incorrectness).


I think that Duolingo cannot record all possible contractions, this is why the software has refused your translation. In the future, you may avoid them to secure your hearts.


I'm curious why this isn't "Il n'y a pas une solution simple pour ce problème" and why instead "de" is used. Can anyone shed light on this?


Negative expressions drop the article after preposition "de": ne... pas de, ne... plus de, ne... jamais de...


So if it were in the positive, the correct phrase would be "Il y a d'une solution?" I guess I'm just curious why "de" is necessary at all. Thank you!


the positive would be "il y a une solution" (there is a/one solution); plural: il y a des solutions (there are solutions).


Ok got it! Thanks Sitesurf!


But wouldn't "il n'y a pas une solution simple" mean "il n'y a pas une solution mais deux"?


we would rather say: il n'y a pas qu'une solution simple (implied: maybe several)


Yes, I don't understand why "de" is used here. Can somebody explain that rule and when it applies?


Rule: the usually required article is dropped in expressions of quantity: peu de, autant de, beaucoup de, un grand nombre de, plus de, moins de...

[deactivated user]

    "There aren't any solutions for this problem," isn't this right??


    You forgot "simple"


    So I transkated "de" as "some", but DUO refused the answer, as in" There isn't some simple solution for that problem",Using, as an answer, an "a" instead...


    "There isn't a simple solution for that problem": it blows my mind how many times I lost a heart for using the afticle translating "de"...

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