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"La instruisto tradukas libron."

Translation:The teacher is translating a book.

July 29, 2018



I said the instructor is translating a book , so , mea culpa , another wrong answer . The new tree was a long time coming , I think , but there could be more alternatives and maybe more native English speakers working on this.


You're at level 25 for Esperanto. Maybe it's time to branch out of Duolingo and try some other methods... or maybe you could help out by test driving the course and offering helpful reports.


I've puttered around with Esperanto most of my life , I can read some but am not comfortable expressing myself in Esperanto . Lee boiled me in oil ( figuratively ) for crocodiling in a facebook group . I am doing other things but the new tree here is a challenge , I want to finish it . I am getting old to be learning a language but my goal is still to have a 3A command , on the European scale , before I die .


I don't think I've ever boiled anyone in oil, no matter how tempted I might have been.

You were posting in English in a group where posts are only in Esperanto. Keeping a group, and group members, on track is what moderators are supposed to do.

By the way, there's no "3A" language level that I'm aware of, if you're talking about the KER system. A1/A2, B1/B2, C1/C2, and at present C1 is the highest level available for testing.


You caught me , of course I meant C1 .


Any time you have a translation that isn't accepted but you think should be, report it so the team can consider it for inclusion.

The Esperanto course is developed and maintained by a team of volunteers. There's no paid professional staff taking care of issues like this. And the English to Esperanto course was developed by native English speakers. I don't think that's an issue at all.

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