lo que y ya

i will pay someone to help me understand & explain lo que & ya in espanol to me via video or voice chat, por favor y mucho gracias a todo <3

5 months ago

  1. "ya" = like right now: "muévete, ya"
  2. "ya" = Now I am finished, "ya, terminé"
  3. "ya" = really already?: "terminé - "¿ya (tan temprano/neta)?" -"sí"
  4. "ya" = already: "ya terminé, entonces ..."
  5. "ya no" = not at the moment, ¿Tony está por aquí?" -"los martes sí, pero ya no"

Lo que = this is a trucky one basically you have the article "lo" and a linker "que". "lo" represents an unspecified noun and the "que" links that unknown noun to something, so:

"no tengo plata ni oro pero lo que tengo te doy" : the lo que refers to the thing you have, but we don't know what it exactly is. Remember here the lo is an article

Now compare this to

"no tengo plata ni oro pero lo tengo te doy": here the lo does not make any real sense becuase the lo is used to replace a noun already mentioned, but as what you have has not been mentioned (i.e. the noun lo is referring to has not been specifically mentioned) it does not make sense. Here lo is a pronoun

5 months ago

thank you this is great <3

5 months ago

not that simple :(

5 months ago
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Si explicas lo que ya entiendes, será más fácil ayudarte.

5 months ago

you are the best <3 have been getting frustrated :D

5 months ago
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