Speaking not working on Android/MacBook

Hi - I've seen numerous posts on this, but never seen an answer, so wondering if it's an ongoing issue...

For the first week or two of using duo on android whilst on holiday, speaking exercises were working fine. Then, for no apparent reason, it started error-ing immediately on any speaking exercise (tells me I was wrong, even though I haven't spoken). I tried in silent rooms to make sure it wasn't background noise, but no difference.

Now using duo my macbook, and I se same issue. Errors immediately before I get a chance to speak. Anyone else experience this? Any solution?

I'm learning French, and I have experienced this issue on Android, my macbook on Chrome, Firefox and Brave Browsers.

July 29, 2018


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I'm facing immediate error on my speaking exercises as well. It had been working well all along, until perhaps a couple of weeks ago.

I'm using Chromium for the web version, and haven't had a chance to try other platforms yet to narrow down if it's my account issue, or an issue on this computer only.

I've just submitted a bug report, but realised that I probably won't get a response personally. Hence just giving support to Ste582101's post so that anyone with some ideas can advise us/give us some tips regarding this issue.

P.S. Other microphone activities like Whatsapp Web voice messages & online mic test on the same browser gave no hints of abnormality, so it's really hard to tell what's wrong :(

July 30, 2018

Thanks for the support :) I'll raise a bug report too.

July 30, 2018
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