"I don't have any of those books."

Translation:Yo no tengo ninguno de esos libros.

6 months ago


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Interesting - I didn't buy any shirts was singular ninguna camisa but if you change it to any OF THOSE shirts (like the book sentence it changes to ninguna di esas camisas ie plural.

5 months ago


Ok I give up. I can't figure out when to use ningun vs ninguno. I read online that ningun comes before a noun, but that is not the case in this sentence. Can someone clarify for me?

2 months ago

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I have the same question! I wonder if it´s because in this sentence, ¨ninguno de esos libros¨, ¨ningun¨ is not directly next to the noun, it´s next to a preposition. So perhaps "yo no quiero ningun libro" (I don't want any book), but "yo no quiero ningunos de esos libros" (I don't want any of those books).

This is purely a speculation; hopefully someone who knows for sure will arrive to confirm or deny.

2 weeks ago

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I dont have any of those books reply no tengo de esos libros ni 1 ????? Que????

6 months ago


Why not ningunos, since esos libros is plural?

2 months ago
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