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  5. "Peter's father is not young."

"Peter's father is not young."

Translation:पीटर के पिता जवान नहीं हैं।

July 29, 2018



i do not understand this sentence पिता is singular but the sentence is plural


Words about people that you need to show respect (for example, people older than you or family members older than you) take all the plural endings. :D


Sometimes nahin goes after a word it modifies, sometimes before . Why? Is it before verbs and after adjectives?


From some other comments it seems that "nahin" always goes directly before or after the verb. So its better to think of it as going before "hain" than going after the adjective. Im still figuring this out too, so I may be wrong.


I don't understand... there are some adjectives that must be declined and some that mustn't?


Yes. It looks like the adjectives that end in "a" (sorry, I don't have devanagari keyboard) decline like you would expect. Adjectives that end in other letters don't decline. https://hindilanguage.info/hindi-grammar/adjectives/


Pitar ke pita janvar nahi - must be he in the end?


No need to put hain in negative sentence right?. Then why there is hain


It is optional. In colloquial speech, it can be dropped.

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