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"There are five fingers in Raj's hands."

Translation:राज के हाथों में पाँच उँगलियाँ हैं।

July 29, 2018



The English sentence doesn't sound correct. It's more natural to say "There are five fingers on Raj's hands." (In which case it sounds like he only has half the normal amount


The English sentence conjures up an image of Raj holding five amputated fingers in his hand. ...


A logical sentence is "On Raj's hand there are five fingers.". Raj is unfortunate if he has only five fingers among both hands.


Well no.....Raj k hath meh pach ungliya hai thats how the stuff sounds with English letters


Raj is an innocent guy... he has fingers in each of his hands


Raj is the desi version of Dexter. Case Closed


Wouldn't the SOV word order of Hindi require "five fingers" to come first?


I don't think that would require it. With a lot of the other constructions, the ordering of the "SO" part of "SOV" seems to be a bit fuzzy. You can move things around to shift the emphasis.

But I do agree that putting the "five fingers" first should have been accepted.

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