"जूलिया सुबह आठ बजे नाश्ता करती है।"

Translation:Julia has breakfast at eight in the morning.

July 29, 2018

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You "do the breakfast"?


In Hindi you do lots of things. My favourite is पोट्टी करना XD


नाश्ता बनाने is then to make or prepare breakfast?


So सुबह without, and रात with को. Is this just how it is, or can it be interchanged at times (is it emphasis or something else maybe)?


Why "Julia has" instead of "Julia eats"?


The verb 'to eat' is खाना and doesn't appear in this sentence. That's perfectly good English, and so fine if you were translating for someone, but I suppose Duolingo is looking to check you understand the words being used.

Perhaps especially since a British English speaker might easily confuse करती for खाती - speaking for myself anyway!


Can someone comment on the use of prepositions with times of day? So far we've seen रात को (at night, with को), दोपहर में (in the afternoon, with में), and सुबह (in the morning, with nothing). Is this fixed?


The solution given is wrong. Meaning of the solution is जूलिया ने सुबह आठ बजे नाश्ता किया।


Wouldn't that be translated 'Julia had ...'?

This sentence is in the simple present tense.


Where m i wrong- Julia has breakfast in th morning at eight. Please explain


It's fine and makes sense, it's perhaps a little awkward in writing to split the 'morning' and 'eight', both talking about the time, but it'd be fine in speech, 'eight' being an afterthought or specifying further.

I think it's just not accepted because they can't think of everything, probably would be accepted if you reported it.

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