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"India has attractive young people."

Translation:भारत में सुंदर जवान लोग हैं।

July 29, 2018



सही है, मुझे भारत से आदमी बहुत पसंद हैं, वे बहुत सुनदर हैं (blush)


For attractive real word in hindi is आकर्षक


I'm still grappling with the lack of "to have" verb. Would something like भारत का सुंदर जवान लोग हैं work? It seems like the accepted answer means something closer to "There are attractive young people in India."


That sentence sounds wrong grammatically. The "में ... हैं" construction is required to provide an alternative for "to have". However, "There are attractive young people in India." is also an accepted translation! :D


I think you can't say bharat ka because Bharat isn't possessing people People are just in Bharat


Actually...में हैं is more like 'in india'...


That's the only way to say it in Hindi


Wouldn't a better English translation be "there are attractive young people in India"?


Or (preserving context/emphasis, talking about India rather than where to find attractive young people) "In India there are...", which it does accept (I haven't tried yours, it might be too).


until today, I have not found any examples of translations where सुंदर has the meaning "attractive". Mostly that adjective is translated as "beautiful" which has not the same meaning as "attractive". So this translation does not seem to be a good example of the use of this adjective.


It's fine because when it comes to learning languages, remember that words don't exist in one to one correspondence So therefore it isn't an issue that there isn't a separate word for attractive It is essentially the same thing as sundar


what does a soldier mean in Hindi ? I thought "javaan" means soldiers


जवान also means 'soldier'. You can also use फौजी.


Like shahid kapoor, aish, srk, Vydia balan, Saif ali khan, konkona sen sharma, hirith roshan, rani mukjere, vivek oberoi, kareena kapoor, ajay devgan, kajol, aamir khan, karishma kapoor, salman khan, sumitha sen, ranbin kapoor, madhuri dixit, abishek bachchan, preity zinta, kathrina kaif, depika padukorne, juhi and much more ! Who would you add next ?


is this be right? Attravtive young people are in india? sumdara javana loga bharata maim hum?


Yes. सुंदर जवान लोग भारत में हैं। (Sundar javān log bhārat mẽ ha͠i) - The attractive young people are in India.


Yes! See my post bellow : aish, srk, rani mukerjse, saif ali khan, vidya balan, shahid kapoor, konkona sen sharma and many more !


भारत में जवान सुंदर लोग है ; इस सबद में क्या खल्ती है?


Why is javan sundar wrong? But sundar javan is right?


Just a matter of emphasis, maybe it would be accepted if you reported it, but consider 'there are attractive young people' vs. 'there are young attractive people' in English.

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