Translation:She doesn't listen to me.

5 months ago



No matter how hard I restudy, I don't understand the arrangement of words. And keys to help?

4 months ago


Hey, I'm so happy I found your post. Thanks for the helpful links! Pronoun comprehension was always the trickiest habit to build for me too. I'm loving this community feature of the app now :) Thanks again Maiklo!

3 months ago


OK. I was able to get it on first try, but daaaaang does it sound incredibly backward. It would be impossible to make it harder to understand in English. I don't know if I will ever be able to figure out how to say this in Spanish correctly. By default this will be coming out of my mouth as "Ella no escuchame", which I will guess is wrong as it is coming out, but hopefully understood. Maybe another couple of hundred hours of practice and I will be able to correct myself.

1 month ago

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'She isn't listening to me.' is another valid translation and is accepted.

1 month ago


No she does not!

3 months ago
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