"My mother is very angry today."

Translation:Mi madre está muy enojada hoy.

5 months ago



Why can't you use Es instead of esta'

4 months ago


Es (ser) is used for permanent things and characteristics. For example saying Esta manzanas es verde. Meaning this apple is a green apple.

Esta (estar) is used for temporary/ current states of objects. Esta manzana está verde. This apple is currently green, but not a green apple more of an unripe apple.

3 months ago


A commenter on duo taught me this to remember: "for how you feel and where you are, always use the verb estar." I can't recall their name to give credit but it helped me a lot.

2 months ago


I accidentally put enojado instead of enojada and it still said I was correct. It should have refused my answer.

3 months ago


Why does it pass some typos and not others

2 months ago


Why all of a sudden does it use the word brava instead of enojada, very confused

4 months ago


I did answer wrong, but it corrected 'angry' to 'brava'?? I've never seen brava before, is this one where you can use a multitude of different words that are all correct?

5 months ago


'Mi madre está muy enfadada hoy' is accepted.

5 months ago

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I have been at this too long today. I put emocionada and then started to laugh. If she is angry, she is excited and emotional for sure. Time to quite and do German. :-)

4 months ago



3 months ago
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