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Students joined class after activities were assigned...

I created summer assignments for my AP class in May, but unfortunately students joined the class after the assignments were created...Students have been trying to complete assignments, but cannot view them since they joined after the activities were assigned. At least I think that is the problem?

I was wondering if there was an EASY way to assign activities to students to have since joined? I just assumed they would be able to view assignments once they joined the class :(

Any help would be much appreciated!

July 30, 2018



I just assumed they would be able to view assignments once they joined the class

Unfortunately it is not that easy.
This is the link to the workaround in the English Duolingo Help Center

If a student joins your classroom later, after the task has been assigned, they will not be included.
However, if you really wanted to do this, you could move new students to a new, temporary classroom and create an identical assignment for them, and then move them to the original group.


I just saw another solution given by admin DuoTimSchools in

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