"We Tanzanians don't like to eat dolphin"

Translation:Watanzania hatupendi kula pomboo

July 30, 2018

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I would say that this means: the tanzanians ....., not we tanzanians. Why is it wrong to write "sissi watanzania...." ?


It should be 'sisi Watanzania'


Duo Lingo is wrong.. Perhaps some people say this but grammatically it means 'Tanzanians don't' and not 'We don't'


"The Tanzanians don't like" would be Watanzania hawapendi ...


Since "Sisi Watanzania" is marked wrong: Is it really wrong? In order to put emphasis on the "we"-aspect ...


You quite often see "Mimi, ninapenda..." to stress the "I". In English Kenyans also like to use this construction: "Me, I like...". However, I don't know if this can also be used in the plural form.


Yes, it applies in the plural form as well.


yes, I understood that later!


"Sisi Watanzania hatupendi kula pomboo" is supposed to be the correct answer!

If the emphasis on 'sisi' is removed, then the subject-verb agreement is left open for 3rd person.

If you translate this, it would be 'Tanzanians don't like to eat dolphin' which is not the translation we're looking for.


why is sisi marked wrong?


Please explain why it's kula rather than kukula


ku- is already part of the stem of the verb "to eat" in kula and "to drink" kunwya, so it wold be redundant. if you used it in speaking I am sure you would still be understood, though I've never really heard/noticed anyone doing that in Tanzania. I do know for sure that I and others have said kukuona as in nimefurahi kukuona "I am happy to see you (It's nice to meet you)." So there's a little kuku (not chicken, lol) for ya. :D Hope this helps!

Oh, I found this link you might find even more useful: https://hinative.com/en-US/questions/6604326

Still confused? I can ask a native. Let me know. Bahati njema!


In the expression 'nimefurahi kukuona' the word 'kukuona' is made up of 'ku = infinitive marker = to' + 'ku = object infix = you' + 'ona = verb stem = see'. So literally, 'to you see'. You will find the lesson Obj. Inf. as you head towards Checkpoint 2.

'Kukula' would mean 'to eat you'!!


Eat = la, to eat = kula; however a few verbs may retain ku in various expressions, which is a learning challenge, ;)


Sisi watanzania would be correct.


"Sisi watanzania hatupendi kula pomboo," should be correct, or is Duolingo not letting us emphasize the subject now?

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