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  5. "Proč tady jsou bez rodin?"

"Proč tady jsou bez rodin?"

Translation:Why are they here without their families?

July 30, 2018



Why is the translation without their! family?


Actually, it isn't... it is "without their FAMILIES." But simply "without families" also is accepted.


Would it be incorrect to say, "Proč tady jsou bez jejich rodin?" I'm just curious why the alternative translation offered is "Why are they here without their families," when jejich isn't in the sentence. Thanks!


The reflexive "svých" is MUCH better here. If you really want to stress why they are here wiithiut THEIR families and not without some other families (???), I guess you would use jejich.


Question: Where's the "their" coming from?


English requires, or is at least much more natural with, some determination.


Which case is rodin?


"bez" requires genitive


how would you translate this? "Why are they here without their parents?"


That would be "bez rodičů."


Excuse me, why can't I say "Why are they without their families here?"?


The placement of "here" at the end of this sentence is odd.


Is there any rule? Just want to exclude similar mistakes in future.


Generally speaking, putting "here" at the end of a sentence is absolutely fine. But in this sentence, it seems strange.

For simplicity, let's pretend the exercise sentence is a statement rather than a question. First, we want to indicate that "They are here," and then we want to qualify that by adding "without their families." Shifting "here" to the end inserts the qualifying phrase into the middle of the primary subject-verb part of the sentence in a weird way. I hope this makes sense.

We appreciate your asking the question. When it comes to questions about how English works, we are usually bombarded by comments along the lines of "It doesn't matter how English works, we are learning Czech here!!!" :-)


Thank you for the answer! I understand,we learn not English in that course, but Czech. But here's an unusual example, so I had to ask. :)

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