"Kateřina a můj syn jsou přátelé."

Translation:Kateřina and my son are friends.

July 30, 2018

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Is přátele nominativ plural?


Would it be possible to include information about declension directly on the words in the course? It would certainly be helpful to see a new word or a word you're reviewing and include declension with its definition rather than have to look it up. Because as I'm sure you know, the definition only gets you so far


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In short, no. You are asking for a feature beyond what the individual teams can do. Duolingo's guidance is to refrain from including grammar information in the hover tips. Hover tips should only contain text directly corresponding to a possible translation, with the possible exception of optional portions in parentheses.


Sorry, that was the first comment I made and it seemed to have disappeared after first posting it. It is unfortunate that it is beyond the Duolingo protocol, since when 1 English word maps to seven Czech words it seems incomplete to only identify the single translation. Oh well.


Is there a difference between kamaradí and přatelé?


Přátelé is more formal, kamarádi is less.

In singular it is more complicated as přítel/přítelkyně can also mean boyfriend/girlfriend.

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Normally, especially in plural, I would translate "kamarádi" as "friends" and "přátelé" as "very good friends" (although the series "Friends" was translated as "Přátelé".). I agree with VladaFu that přítel is more formal. But if used in singular, as Vlada mentioned too, it means almost always a boyfriend (přítelkyně would be girlfriend), used in informal language for almost all non-married people.

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