Translation:Wait a minute, sir.

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Why is this exercise "espere" and when the lady has to write her nationality its "escriba"? I know what command/imperative form is. I just don't see what make the other exercise different than this one. Edited! I had the other question wrong! Same problem, though!

4 months ago

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Are you sure about the other question? I havent seen it but 2nd person singular, formal should be same for sir and madam!

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What am I missing in this discussion? Both esperE (esperAR) and escribA (escribIR) are correct forms of subjuntivo presente for ella/él/usted right?

1 day ago


It's a matter of one being more formal than the other. Same thing with disculpe being formal, and disculpa being familiar.

3 months ago

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Is this a command or not? If it is a command then shouldn't it be espera because you are addressing a señor? DL is usually pretty consistent about this.

2 months ago


Are commands considered to be rude in most Spanish speaking countries? Also if you wanted to be rude to a stranger or elder, would you still use the Usted form?

2 months ago
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