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Accidentally deleted language and my progress - please help me?

I accidentally deleted the language I have been working on for 3 months! Can you please help me?

May 1, 2014



Can you be more specific? How did you accidentally delete the language and what direction was it? Looking at your progress, it still seems you are a good distance down your Spanish tree, so I'm not sure what you deleted.


I think he/she removed a language from Reset or remove languages page and then started it again (Spanish) and now wants to get the old progress back which was reset after removing a language.

You can see that after he/she created this discussion, he/she 'took a shortcut and learned 35 Spanish skills'. Thus, we both initially thought he/she was far from beginning.

Anyway, indiah16, you'll have to use shortcuts to get back at the level you were before. Unless of course admins can somehow bring the old progress back.


I believe you reset your progress (but this does not delete your level status). Simply add Spanish back to your account, and test out of the skills you had learned before the deletion. Hope that helps.

The language link: https://www.duolingo.com/courses

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