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"Our waitress has probably forgotten about us."

Translation:Naše servírka na nás asi zapomněla.

July 30, 2018



Why is "Naše servírka asi na nás zapomněla" not accepted?


The rules for the word order in these sentences are not that simple. Both "asi" and "na nas" can go to the second position (not obligatory) and a personal pronoun with a pre-position has a priority over the interjection.


Many thanks for the explanation. I didn't know that a personal pronoun has precedence, now I do.


Sorry, I do not fully understand that explanation. What other word orders besides "..na nas asi zapomnela" would be equally correct ? What do you mean by "personal pronoun with a pre-position" here ?


na - preposition my, nás - personal pronoun

There are many word orders and they change the meaning based on the topic/comment (stressing the new information). If you start with "Naše servírka" and end with "zapomněla", the inside should be "asi na nás".


'Na nás' would like to be the second-position element instead of 'asi'.


I see it took me too long to find and write it.


many of the non-ideal word orders are still reasonably acceptable. i added a bunch. (2019-11-11)

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