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Spanish Speech gets cut off

I was doing a timed practice in the Spanish sizes section. A listening question came up. It said 'Los niños en mi f' - and then stopped. I tried several times put it didn't work. I did the slow speech and found out that 'Los niños en mi familia son altos' was the full sentence, but I lost the lesson for running out of time. Please fix this!

May 1, 2014



That happens to me sometimes when the computer's busy. Was your computer busy or loading other things during your practice?


Sometimes a slow internet connection can cause this problem too.


The computer wasn't doing anything like that, and the internet was fine.


Sorry, I don't know what the problem was then. I guess it just messes up sometimes for no reason.


Yeah, probably. I suppose it's not necessarily a bug.


Well, it is a bug - the program doesn't behave as it should. And I'd argue it's rather serious bug since user might not be able to continue to use the service he can't hear the task properly.

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