"I drink tea."

Translation:मैं चाय पीती हूँ।

July 30, 2018

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Is this a female speaker? Is that why it is Piithii and not Piithaa?


that is correct, piithii is for females and piithaa is for males


I feel like there should be an indication of that in the sentence, no? Like "I (f.) drink tea."


No need. both are taken as correct. I wrote piithaa


I confirm that.


Both piithaa "पीता" and piithii "पीती" are right for this one as the subject is not mentioned.


Male: पीता Female: पीती


I am a guy. I said pitha...


I feel like the course just made a big jump, like I don't know all these words in writing yet and have to guess from the other words they are with. If it was spoken as well it would be better... But at this point many of the word make no sense to me and I just have to guess :/


anyone want to tell me how to get the dot above the मै ?


I dont think there's a good hindi keyboard available anywhere!! All of them are just.....


Try installing Gboard - the google keyboard. It not only has Hindi but also various other languages...

I find it really helpful.

(Take the the above given advice only if you're using a phone , because I don't know if it is available in other devices.)


Hey!!! Army! Gosh I was searching for One Thank God


म + ै + ं


Depends on how is your keyboard. in transliteraded hindi keyboard, you write "main"


oh i don't have that keyboard. I have a regular Windows traditional hindi keyboard. I guess I could use the transliteration in google for every single question, but that seems horrible.


Regarding your phisical keyboard, you can install keyboard layouts in your system, and change it usually from the windows bar when you require it.

I'm using macos now, but it should be a transliterated hindi keyboard layout in windows too.

I don't know your windows version but you can check it here, maybe it helps. https://www.online-tech-tips.com/computer-tips/change-keyboard-language-in-windows/


I don't know how to write the bindu in a traditional hindi keyboard, i only know with transliterated. If that is your question... :-) maybe someone else can help you with that.


Is there a handy guide somewhere as to the precise function of है/हूँ? Google is not being very helpful.

[deactivated user]

    Hai/hoon (है/हूं) are the conjugations of the verb hona which means "to be".

    Hai (है) is for third person singular, the English equivalent being "is". Hoon (हूं) is for first person, the English equivalent being "am".

    They are necessary in the sentence to show this is the present simple tense and nothing else.

    Main piti hoon (मैं पीती हूं). I drink, in the present simple.

    Vo khaata hai (वह खाता है). He eats, in the present simple.


    Great answer, thanks!


    I dont have a hindi key board..


    Male: मैं पीता हूँ।

    Female: मैं पीती हूँ।


    चाता/चाती क्या है? What is chaataa/chaatii?


    Oops, I made some typos. It is suppose to be piitaa/piitii.

    पीता = piitaa ( for males) पीती = piitii ( for females) and not the chaataa/chaatii that I inadvertently entered.


    Actually I really don't know hindi letters... But when it sounds i can understand hindi little and even I can speak little... Actually I don't know how to read hindi also


    Why isn't में चाय पीता। accepted? I thought (from tips and notes) that you could omit the हूं

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