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  5. "juHlIj yIjaH. bIchech."

"juHlIj yIjaH. bIchech."

Translation:Go home. You're drunk.

July 30, 2018



Don't the location arguments with {jaH} require {-Daq}? Would {ghuS} be used in the transitive form?

July 30, 2018


No, none of jaH, ghoS, chol, leng, paw, or 'el require daq on their destination. TKD says something like you can use daq but it is redundant; however, I think that using daq is discouraged for the objects of these verbs.

For chegh, the location being returned to does not take daq, not ever. The means you used to return would take the daq instead.

Please note that chegh does not mean take something back. For returning an object somewhere, use tatlh, which does require daq on the place returned to.

(daq is of course replaceable with another locative suffix where appropriate in the examples.)

I keep forgetting how ghuS works.

July 30, 2018


I don't think that the use of -Daq with verbs of motion is clarified in TKD; my go-to place for reminding myself of what Marc Okrand said is the interview in HolQeD 7:4, available at http://klingonska.org/canon/1998-12-holqed-07-4.txt . (Search for "[[p.8]]" to find the bit on verbs of motion.)

July 31, 2018
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