"Minha mulher é a mãe dos meus filhos."

Translation:My wife is the mother of my children.

May 1, 2014



FernandasMum, both. My 'esposa" is more formal and my 'mulher' is more common. But both are completely normal.

May 1, 2014


i made a mistake. I translated this phrase like this: my wife is the mother of my two sons. I shouldn't have use the word two because it is not in the sentence. But, i am right if i translate this sentence like this: My wife is the mother of my sons. You do not have to use the word children. What i mean is that it is right both ways

February 1, 2018


Yes, "filhos" can also be translated to "sons".

February 1, 2018


Ok but but what if he has a boy and a girl? Itd be cbildren not sons

July 11, 2018
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