"आमिर दिल्ली से है इसलिये वह अँग्रेज़ी बोलता है।"

Translation:Aamir is from Delhi so he speaks English.

July 30, 2018

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इसलिये -> इस means this and लिये means for. So इसलिये means thats why.


Thank you, it helps to learn what the components mean.


"Therefore" is a perfectly literal translation of "isliye" and should be accepted.


Do they speak a lot of English in Delhi


A surprising number of people across India speak a usable amount of English. I grew up in Delhi and none of my family spoke any Hindi and got by without many problems. That's where white privilege will get you, which I'm very embarrassed about all these years later, hence learning the language on here.


Why is neccessary to write "from"?


Because of the "से." It wouldn't make a lot of sense to say "he is Delhi so he speaks English" because that makes it sound like he is the city of Delhi.


I consistently have triuble with word order: ex - I said " Aamir speaks Englush so he is from Delhi." I never seen to know how to correctly arrange the translation; is there (are there) a rule(s) to guide me in word order?


Duo likes you to keep a similar word order to their sentence when it makes sense.
Here the main idea is that Aamir is from Delhi (rather than the fact that he speaks English), so it comes first.
Speaking English is not a sufficient reason to conclude that he is from Delhi.


Sorry for autocorrect; i should have checked it before sending

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