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Klingon phrase? any help regarding the correct form of this phrase would be greatly appreciated!

Iv been putting together whether this is correct or not and would appreciate some input. In English Latin, Klingon language is this the correct form of....

Today is a good day to die

Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam

July 30, 2018



That is indeed correct, and the canonical translation of this phrase.

Heghlu'meH = "in order for somebody to die" or "in order for one to die"

  • Hegh - "die" (verb)

  • -lu' - indefinite subject (Type-5 verb suffix)

  • -meH - purpose (Type-9 verb suffix)

QaQ = "be good" or "it/she/he/they is/are good"

jajvam = "today" or "this day"

  • jaj - "day" (or, rather, "day-and-night cycle")

  • -vam - this (Type-4 noun suffix)

All in all:

"This day is good for somebody to die."


Thankyou very much!


What do you mean by "English Latin, Klingon language"?


My guess is that they mean "Klingon written in the Latin alphabet (the letters we use for English) rather than in pIqaD".


Correct, that was my intended meaning. Thankyou.


Well sugar me sideways

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