Basic French

Hi, I just want to confirm how many basic levels are on French course?

July 30, 2018


Each skill has 5 Crowns, which when added up amount to over 300+ Crowns in total for most of the target languages on Duolingo. The entire French course, imo, is "basic french", so you are looking at over 300 'levels' in total.

July 30, 2018

That is true, except if you have bought Flirting or Idioms, which only have one crown each.

July 31, 2018

You can use your (unofficial) progress page to see how many skills and crown levels there are in your tree:

As boricano3 says, the whole course is basic.

XP levels are the same for all languages. You'll find more information in this thread:

July 30, 2018

I think there are two versions of the French course (the newer, longer one is being rolled out now). So it is impossible to say how many skills a French tree has - but you can click your "Home" tab and count the circles and see how many skills your tree has.

You can get up to level 5 on every skill, or circle.

There is another kind of level on Duolingo, called the "XP Level". You are on level 5 right now. The more points you earn, the higher your level. 25 is the highest level there is.

July 30, 2018
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