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  5. "क्या उसने शराब पी है?"

"क्या उसने शराब पी है?"

Translation:Has he drunk alcohol?

July 30, 2018



Can't this also mean "Did he drink alcohol?"


For that you should omit the 'है'.

So, "Did he drink alcohol?" = "क्या उसने शराब पी?"


'She' was marked incorrect . does anyone know why?


What does उसने mean? Why not उसे ?


I think this is the past construction for transitive verbs so it takes 'ne'


"ने" indicates that you are speaking in the past tense.


It should be "Did he/she drink alcohol?"

[deactivated user]

    Yes,he did drink alcohol.


    What's the difference between ".... pi." and "... pi he." ?


    'Drank' and 'has drunk' i think. Pi tha would be 'had drunk'


    Can we use vaha instead of उसने? If not can you explain the formation of उसने here? Also how does using है makes the sentence a perfect verb form?

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    When you have transitive verbs (verbs which can have direct objects) in the simple past tense and perfective tenses, the subject takes a ने. The verb then conjugates with its object.
    When the subject is यह/वह the addition of this ने makes them इसने/उसने respectively.

    The present perfect tense is basically the sentence in the simple past tense with a है added to the end. Similarly, the past perfect is the sentence in the simple past tense with a था at the end.

    Eg: Simple past - उसने शराब पी - He drank alcohol
    Present perfect- उसने शराब पी है - He has drunk alcohol
    Past perfect- उसने शराब पी थी - He had drunk alcohol
    (Note that we've used the feminine form पी because शराब is feminine)


    confused here. How come it's not "kya usane sherab piya hei"... isn't 'piya' the the past transitive form? Why 'pi' only?

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    In some tenses, transitive verbs (verbs which can have direct objects) take the gender and number of their object(s) rather than the subject. Here, the verb पीना is conjugating with its object शराब which is feminine. So, the feminine past tense form पी has been used. पिया is the masculine past tense form that can be seen in क्या उसने दूध पिया है? (Has he drunk milk?) where दूध is masculine.


    It's "Has he drank alcohol?", not 'drunk' right?

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    In modern English, 'drank' is used as the past tense form in the preterite tense ('He drank alcohol' -उसने शराब पी) while 'drunk' is used in the perfect tenses ('He has drunk alcohol' - उसने शराब पी है).

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