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  5. "Don't hit her back!"

"Don't hit her back!"

Translation:DubDaj yIqIpQo'!

July 30, 2018



I had interpreted this as not to hit her after she hit me rather than hitting her body part, so I went with yIqIpqa'Qo' Obviously not the intent of the question, but would this be a reasonable answer if it were?


Yes, this sentence is a bit confusing; I'll change it to "Don't hit her in the back."

As the others have commented, yIqIpqa'Qo' would be "Don't hit [her/him/it] again!" or "Don't resume hitting [her/him/it]!" I think @kahlress62003's suggestion is good:

yInoDQo'! = "Don't retaliate!"

More fully: DuqIp[chugh/DI'] yInoDQo'! - "[If/When] she hits you, don't retaliate!"


Not sure that's quite the same as, say, {yInoDQo'} which I believe a little bird told them about.


yiqipqa'Qo' would mean don't hit her again.

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