"आमिर के पिता अमेरिका गये हैं "

Translation:Aamir's father has gone to America.

July 30, 2018



If some are has gone and some are went, it makes no sense. Allow both of them.

July 30, 2018


The fact is, both of them would be translated differently in Hindi.

For the simple past tense (went), you don't use the verb होना. So, Amir's father went to America = "आमिर के पिता अमेरिका गये।"

For the present perfect tense (has gone), you add the appropriate conjugation of 'होना' after the past form of the verb, which is the translation given above.

July 31, 2018


But you are reasoning on how to reverse translate the phrase. Translating from Hindi to English went means the same thing.

September 26, 2018


What about, Aamir's father has been to America?

September 19, 2018


Note, this means to have gone and come back...

October 24, 2018


Perhaps this might be: आमिर के पिता अमेरिका जा चुका है।, but I am still not sure whether this distinguishes between 'gone' and 'been'.

January 16, 2019


How would one translate "Aamir's father went to America?"

January 15, 2019


See LeMaitre's comment above: "आमिर के पिता अमेरिका गये।"

January 16, 2019
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