"आमिर के पिता अमेरिका गये हैं ।"

Translation:Aamir's father has gone to America.

July 30, 2018

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How would one translate "Aamir's father went to America?"


See LeMaitre's comment above: "आमिर के पिता अमेरिका गये।"


Aamir's father has gone to America.


Hi There is no need for ने with verbs come and / or go ?


I answered "Aamir's father went to America.", which was considered wrong. Is it really?

[deactivated user]

    It is wrong because the sentence is in present tense and therefore went is incorrect in this sentence. The literal meaning for this sentence is Amir's father has just gone to america . Not that he had gone to America.


    What about, Aamir's father has been to America?


    Note, this means to have gone and come back...


    Perhaps this might be: आमिर के पिता अमेरिका जा चुका है।, but I am still not sure whether this distinguishes between 'gone' and 'been'.


    Let me fix you if you say amir ke pita America ja chukA hai it is disrespectful to someone's father and your translation is half respectful and half disrespectful watch "Amir kA BAAP America ja chukA hai " Disrespectful one " Amir kE PITA America ja chukE haiN " Respectful one In hindi when you show respect you convert the sentence into plural Translation*Amirs father has gone to America I am a Native


    Amir ke pita Amerika ho chuke hain Literal translation* Amir's father has happened to America Ima native i cant help but relying learners its so fun

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