"Raj does not run on Friday."

Translation:राज शुक्रवार को नहीं दौड़ता ।

July 30, 2018



I had shukravaar ko at the end of the sentence. Why is it not correct?

July 30, 2018


Hindi sentences use subject-object-verb constructions as against English which uses subject-verb-object. So, राज(subject) comes first followed by the शुक्रवार(object) and finally comes the दौड़ना(verb).

July 31, 2018


Why does "ko" mean "on" in these cases? I was taught that "ko" means "to"-- I'm very confused about the interchanging prepositions... can someone explain? Or is it just something you have to pick up in context and learn by practice because there is no set rule?

August 14, 2018


I've found that pre/post-positions are often the hardest things to map between languages. Some have fewer than others and so use one term where another would use many, and some simply use them in ways that are alien to another language (eg. I might be scared of something, a speaker of another language might be scared from something). I think one just has to take it on a case by case basis and accept that 'ko' normally means to, except in this case, where it means 'on'.

September 10, 2018


The continue options is gone after i clicked on the button which led me here

December 8, 2018
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