Audio Doesn't Play on Discussion Pages: Do others have this problem?

I've tried in Chrome and Firefox. I've tried disabling all chrome extensions. I have no Firefox extensions.

I get two error messages in the console. For example on this page:

in the Turkish course, I get an error:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 ()

The link given is to the following URL:

This seems to be the sound file and it seems to be a broken link.

There is a second error:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 ()

but this is to an on-page reference.

Can anyone verify for me...(1) is anyone's audio working on talk pages? (2) does your audio work on this specific page?

I'd like to troubleshoot this and get it working again because I make HEAVY use of playing this audio and it really bothers me that I haven't been able to access this. The problem has existed for months but I'm only trying to troubleshoot it now.

July 30, 2018


I've just gone through all the sentences fora (from English, and a few from other languages, sampling 4-5 from each); the audio on the discussion pages works for me in Danish, German, Esperanto, Spanish, French, Irish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, GuaranĂ­ and English.
It doesn't appear to work at all in any of the other languages. There does not seem to be any obvious pattern, as these include both very old languages like Portuguese and very recent ones like Hindi.

I'm using Firefox 61.

July 31, 2018

Thank you so much! This fits with me too, although I haven't tested all these.

It seems to be a centralized problem as the experience of different users are consistent.

July 31, 2018

I tested Safari, Chrome, and Firefox (Mac OS High Sierra), and your sentence from the Turkish course had no audio on any of them.

I then tested random sentence discussion pages from other courses:

You need another user to confirm as well because my connection has been shaky for days.

July 30, 2018

Thank you so much. For me, French and Spanish had audio, Japanese and Chinese didn't, so it's basically the same as what you found!

This seems to be a problem on Duolingo's end. Now we just need to carry out the diabolically difficult task of getting the staff's attention and getting them to actually prioritize fixing this in a reasonable time-frame.

I submitted a bug report and I would encourage others to do it too.

July 30, 2018

I just stumbled on an interesting observation here, and tested it on the Japanese and Chinese sentences; the audio works when I open the page in an incognito/private window.

August 1, 2018

Whoa, bizarre...they all seem to work for me when I open it in an incognito window. This gives me a workaround short-term.

Hopefully this will help the paid staff troubleshoot this (if anyone is paying attention to this issue, sometimes I worry they spend all their time doing stuff I don't really care about and ignore the stuff I care about a lot, like this), and increase the likeilhood it actually gets fixed.

August 1, 2018

The incognito window did not work for me in chrome.

August 2, 2018

I've been having the same problem for some time now. I made a post about it a few days ago.

It happens on the discussion pages of the sentences, on the Greek and Russian boards that I follow. On the turkish page you posted there's no sound as well. In the lessons the sound works as usual.

I use Chrome on Windows 7, but I also tested TOR and Avast Secure browsers and the sound didn't work there either. It only worked on Internet Explorer. Firefox could not even open the discussion page, it got stuck and I had to force-close it.

August 3, 2018
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