Many errors in the latter stages of swahili?

I am approaching the end of swahili and it seems not many have been through this before because there are very few variations (except the exact word for word spelling for spelling) being accepted even when the only acceptable answer is wrong? I guess because swahili is not as popular the glitches have not been ironed out using customer feedback? Minor variations that are good English translations are rejected and the only answer accepted is bad English? I am providing feedback as appropriate and hopefully these get picked up over time to help others but the frustrations are high. Can someone please do a pass through and take out the obvious issues or at least add viable variations.

July 31, 2018


Mambo rafiki! I think many here have added alternative translations and reported the errors in English to be fixed. I think the team's work is still delayed and I also hope the errors will be fixed. I'm planning to do a review in every skill, but I insist that many reports have been done already. I hope you keep studying the lessons in Duolingo, and using other resources as well. :)

July 31, 2018

I heard a rumor (I hope it's not true) that the Swahili course was created as part of a collaboration with the US Peace Corps and then abandoned.

August 1, 2018

The course can't have been abandoned. I just discovered (Dec 2018) that they have now added loud and clear audio to the desktop version. (It seems to be missing in the Android smartphone app though.)

Every so often (this week, for example) I get a stream of emails saying that some of my reports have now been accepted. I think they just work on it when they can find the time.

December 20, 2018

SimonDixon6 is right that the English grammatical errors are widespread and appalling in the later part of the tree. Is there any way to ask them to focus on these next? (I completed the tree twice and the first half was definitely better the second time round, mostly accepting more alternative answers.)

They really do need a native English speaker to clean up the glaring mistakes for them. No need to even speak Swahili, just to have an instinctive understanding of English grammar and to know when a sentence doesn't sound right.

Note that in the Android app there is a free text field for reports, so you can be very specific about what the grammatical error is (not just "The English is unnatural".) I don't know if this works in other app versions though.

December 20, 2018

It seems we are all talking to ourselves? No-one from Duolingo has replied to any of our comments. We go to the effort to assist and help with corrections and improvements, saving Duolingo time etc and making the experience better for those who follow us on this journey. If our efforts are not helpful or dont lead to improvements we are wasting our time. Surely the whole point of this forum is for Duolingo to engage with those who commit to and use the system to improve it for everyone......... Is there anyone there in Duolingo land?

December 20, 2018
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