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"The saucepans are in the kitchen."

Translation:vutpa'Daq bIHtaH Se'tu'mey'e'.

July 31, 2018



I answered vutpa'Daq bIH se'tu'mey'e' and it was accepted. Why didn't I need -taH on bIH?


As far as I know, usage of -taH in locative sentences is a bit inconsistent in canon, though there is a tendency to use it for "temporary" locations (e.g. saucepans in the kitchen, since they can move) and to omit it for "permanent" locations (e.g. the restaurant is opposite the Great Hall -- since it's not likely to move).

This course is, if anything, even more inconsistent about making this distinction, though it should hopefully improve in this regard in the long run.

Because of the inconsistency in canon, I'm not sure whether either variant (with -taH or without) can be considered wrong, and so generally, both versions should be accepted.

In this case, it's probably better with -taH than without it.


Thank you. Having instant access to language courses and to the knowledge of so many adept Klingonists is so extraordinary and beneficial. It must have been so much harder to learn it 20 years ago before the availability of courses, online dictionaries and resources. The Klingon pioneers really paved a nice path for those of us following.

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