"No one speaks with Neha."

Translation:कोई नेहा से बात नहीं करता।

July 31, 2018



What if कोई is placed after करता Final Sentence-नेहा से बात कोई नहीं करता।

July 31, 2018


Don't break the phrase 'बात नहीं करता'. An alternate translation would be नेहा से कोई बात नहीं करता।

July 31, 2018


I had trouble with this one. I would have translated "koi Neha se bat nahin karte hain" as "someone is not speaking with Neha."

I would have thought that "No one is speaking with Neha" would have been something like "koi nahin Neha se bat karte hain."

August 10, 2018


Could this also have been written with "boltaa"?

March 24, 2019


No. 'बोलना' is more like 'say' or, if used with 'noun+को ', 'tell' (though बताना is more common for the latter usage). A sentence like 'कोई नेहा को नहीं बोलता' would mean 'No one tells Neha'.

March 25, 2019
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