"Who drinks tea?"

Translation:चाय कौन पीता है?

July 31, 2018

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what's the more natural word order? चाय कौन पीता है or कौन चाय पीता है? I tried the latter and it accepted it but suggested the former.


Depends on which is to be emphasised (that which is comes first). 'who drinks tea?!' vs. 'who [here/of you] drinks tea?'

(Only learning myself, but so I'm told.)

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    Native speaker here and yes, you are right :) .


    Yes. I have the same question. I tried "कौन चाय पीता है?" and it accepted, but suggested the former. How do people usually say it?


    A related question: I thought the word order provided by Duolingo would mean "Tea drinks who". So the subject doesn't always go to the beginning of the sentence. Hence my question: how can you tell that "who" is the subject, rather than "tea"?


    Mine was चाय कौन पीता है, acepted


    so use the masculine suffix when the subject is in question?


    Could we have the option of playing the audio for the multiple choice translations? It's more important for me to learn the sounds than how to read sanskrit. *I'm learning Hindi to communicate with Urdu speakers.


    The devanagari script (not sanskrit) will be very useful to you.

    Unlike in English, In Hindi all words are pronounced exactly as they're written, and written as they're pronounced. So it'll make it easier for you to be understood if you can easily check you're pronouncing things correctly.


    Does this sound like "Chai kon peetha hai"?


    How come the suffix है if the sentence reads "who drinks tea?"?


    We use the 3rd person suffix to translate the from the 3rd person in English which is 'drinks' -unless you're asking a more existential question.


    Is " चाय कौन पीती है। " correct?


    The masculine form of the verb is the default when asking men or a mixed crowd, however, पीती may be correct in a room full of females -I would imagine, otherwise you need पीता. This is what I understand right now, hope it helps.


    Very very very easy


    Hindi is a fascinating language! It's similar to Ukrainian grammar. In Ukrainian you can say: "Чай, хто п'є?" ("Chai, khto pye?") which is the same as the Hindi "Chai kon peeta hai?" You can also say, "Хто п'є чай?" ("Khto pye chai?") ["Who drinks tea?"] as in English. :)


    Like... Okay, now, on the subject of tea, who drinks? OR Who dares drink tea in my presence? -Just to be clear!


    Why cant i type in English alphabet? Like "chai Kon peeta hai"?


    Here anyone has indian

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