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  5. "वह एक घंटा खेलता है ।"

"वह एक घंटा खेलता है "

Translation:He plays for an hour.

July 31, 2018



This excercise is killing me. It doesn't except normal translations, you have to submit the right awkward one, except when you do translate literally, suddenly you have to submit the correct one. At least be consequent: OR completely literal ones OR grammatically correct ones. OR accept both types of answers.


OR is it not even better DL to reduce the number of translations from Hindi to English in favor of the translations from English to Hindi?


There is "for" missing


In Hindi, you don't need it.

You could also say वह एक घंटे 'के लिए' for) खेलता है, but it's not necessary.


If के लिए is implied but omitted, shouldn't the sentence be वह एक घंटे खेलता है? That is, घंटे rather than घंटा?


What you said is right as well. Duolingo is showing the textbook Hindi.


You don't need it in English either. "He plays an hour" is universally understood by native speakers. Yet, we are forced into using it here.


He plays for one hour was marked wrong, why?


How can I know if it is : for an hour or since an hour?!


For an hour would be एक घंटे के लिए Since an hour would be एक घंटे से


What you translated must've been right but duolingo only seems to be taking one answer. There's different versions of answers.


Vaha means he or she right then i keep he in the place of she.what is the mistaje in this.plz send me the reply.


Whit she there would be "kelti". There is "kelta", so it is about him


This sentence is not grammatically correct. It is confusing that duo lingo sometimes accepts grammatically correct usages and other times gives usages which are normally not acceptable in English as correct answers.

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