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Suggesting better Letters course structure for Hindi

I would recommend that you teach the letters similar to the english alphabet - in a structured "A, B, C,...." format.

Give a list of the main letters in order "Ka, Kha, Ga, Gha, Na, Ca, Cha, Ja, Jha...." This has worked for a long time, and it doesnt make sense in trying to change this now.

Further, it would be good to show that how the "E" sound or "EE" sound is imparted to letters, or how the "O" or "OU" sound is imparted. In the current structure, if I did not already get a basic background of that from elsewhere, I would have had no idea that there is a structure to how letters are written, and would have struggled miserably in the "Letters" section.

Please reconsider - I know it is in Beta, so lets try to improve it. Thanks

July 31, 2018


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