Modern Hebrew podcast + translation & transcript (by me, native speaker)

If anyone is interested, my first attempt at this, please let my know if you have any suggestions. And if you know of a better podcast platform that will let me add a document (or related file) at notes to an episode.



July 31, 2018


Shalom! I really like this idea, toda raba! Unfortunately for me it is way to hard at the moment. I'm not sure if you can make a beginner podcast about simple topics. E.g. the weather or the meals that you ate this week.

I'd love to learn more adjectives, e.g. big, small, hot, cold, mad, funny, dirty, red, blue. etc.

What would help is to pronounce them more intensive. E.g. more emotional. As if you are reading a fairy tail to a little kid.

Yes, it will sound a bit childish but I think that's the best for beginners like me.

Thank you so much.

August 1, 2018

Speaking slowly and clearly is a really good idea.

I'm learning how to teach ELL (English Language Learners) and this precise, slow paced speaking is important, even for intermediate/advanced speakers. Not only that - it's important for first languages, too. Think Sesame Street, or any show for kids learning to read.

August 2, 2018

There are four podcasts/ video capsules, I know of for beginners, that are not boring, they're short and useful: (this just started, 2nd episode was great): שלום לכולם! מה שלומכם?

Very excited to launch my new youtube series filmed on the streets of Tel Aviv. It's called Mike Mistovev and it is inspired by you guys my students. The Shuk, the cafe, bus, beach. I'm going to the places where you guys often find yourselves and share the top words and phrases that you need to know.

Here's the link to episode 1 -

Second, from a Scottish transplants to Israel: Follow the Russell family trying to do different things in Hebrew, like going to the bakery.. getting a haircut.. How do you ask for two croissants and an egg challah? where are the donuts? Can I buy seven? etc.

(They get help along the way with little instructions from store clerks and random Israelis on the street who also speak English):

Third, from a professional pronunciation coach (American who teaches in Brazil, pronunciation for English, Portuguese, Spanish and Hebrew): Here's LINGUISTIX Hebrew Pronunciation for English Speakers:

Lastly, but really really great, Guy Sharett, polyglot and native Israeli. He runs a company called Streetwise Hebrew. It gives tours in Tel Aviv to learn Hebrew using street graffiti, shop signs, and street flyers (like a missing cat flyer, a manhole cover, a wall of graffiti debating a local politics (he's non-partisan, just explains what they mean & the culture of the language - Why the phrase was used) using Hebrew slogans). Every episode he goes to a different location - outside a pet shop, a handmade wooden plaque/woodworking shop that creates messages.. it's all tying the local culture to the language. He's got videos and podcasts. and podcast with transcript:

August 8, 2018

Hey, that's awesome! I really love the podcast and the transcript. Thank you very much.

August 1, 2018
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