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"Ledničky zbývají jen žluté a hnědé."

Translation:Only yellow and brown refrigerators are left.

July 31, 2018



Refrigerators and fridges aren't the same? Why I can't write "fridges"?


You can. It is accepted. As always, If a sentence want accepted, you must report the complete sentence. Preferably by pressing "My answer should be accepted" so that we can see exactly what you typed.


Yeah, right... Somehow, I forgot about that button


What about "There are only yellow and brown refrigerators left."?


This is a GUESS, but I'll offer it anyway... "There are" in English seems to come most often from "to jsou" in Czech. Since there's no "to jsou" in this sentence, that may be why your answer was not accepted. Or, it may just be a "missing" translation, in which case you might Report it if you get this one again.

UPDATE - - - - - This is now an accepted translation. Thanks!


Another could be: The only remaining refrigerators are yellow and brown.


Added; thanks.


And yet another translation could be "The refrigerators left are only yellow and brown."


I would say that translates better as "Zbývající/zbylé ledničky jsou jen žluté a hnědé", but sure, the general meaning is the same.

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