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"Me encantan las canciones francesas."

Translation:I love French songs.

2 weeks ago



Doesn't this translate to "They sing French songs to me?"

2 weeks ago

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It translates to "I love French songs".

You probably mixed up these two verbs :
"cantar" = to sing.
"encantar" = to love.

2 weeks ago


Thank you Rick, that is exactly what I did.

I actually don't think I've learned "Encantar" yet or it's derivatives.

I would have expected it to look like "yo encanto"

but it appears to conjugate in a similar fashion to "gustar", like "me gustan"

2 weeks ago


No, where do you see the verb "to sing" (cantar)? Me encanta means "I love" and is a stronger version of "me gusta". Here you conjugate it because it has to agree with the rest of the sentence (and becomes "encantan"). If it was only one song, it would have been "Me encanta esta canción francés."

You probably made confusion about the "me" at the start, but this is a reflexive verb. Think of it like "The french songs are really appealing to me" or similar.

Hope it's a bit clearer now, I'm not a native speaker though so I hope I didn't make any mistakes! Wait for some more expert people as well ^^

2 weeks ago


Hello Alex, thank you!

I have not learned "encantar" yet. Thank you got explaining the conjugation in the reflexive verb format. It looks similar to "gustar" conjugations.

2 weeks ago


I am enchanted by french songs.......not right???

1 week ago