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  5. "Which street is here?"

"Which street is here?"

Translation:यहाँ कौनसी गली है?

July 31, 2018



Why is there no lesson covering these word orders? It would be really, really helpful, as right now I feel paralyzed to even try to answer these lesson questions (almost always getting them wrong), much less try to speak the language.

I could really benefit from a lesson that covers the order of question words and another that covers the order of time words in relation to other phrases.


Yes, agreed! The rules seem to be inconsistently applied (I've tried looking them up elsewhere), so you have to remember which one Duolingo thinks is correct rather than getting an overall understanding ...


I agree that word order can be tough. The way i see it is that in Hindi the subject is first so the subject of this sentence is actually "here" like saying "here is which street"


Since "Which Street" comes first in the English translation, I don't see any reason why "कौनसी गली यहाँ है" should be incorrect. Both answers seem to be correct.


As far as I can tell both should be fine.


There is a reason that "Which street" comes first in English. This is because question words normally come first in English sentences. This is not the case in Hindi. In Hindi, question words have the same position in the sentence as whatever answers it. For example, "Who are you?" translates as "तुम कौन हो?" because the response would be "मैं (insert name here) हूॅं।". As for why यहाॅं needs to come first, I am not entirely sure, as I am not a native Hindi speaker. Maybe it just sounds unnatural otherwise.


By your own logic though, 'Morvan St is here' - 'Morvan गली यहां है', so कौनसी would be first.


Your sentence is off.

कौन सी गली है यहाँ would be acceptable.

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